Greenfields Odin

Registered APSB 00824

Bred by Greenfield’s Stud

Greenfields NF Odin is a strapping colt expected to mature around 14.2hh. He’s a very exciting combination of newer bloodlines to the Australasian Fjord population, being the son of Orkan Skovå by frozen semen from Denmark and the grandson of the magnificent imported stallion Myklejon.

Sire:                            Orkan Skovå FJH763 (Frozen semen Imp)

Dam:                           Te Klein Gemma 49789 Vol 24

Sire of Dam:              Myklejon (IMP) 16516 F Vol 24

Date of birth:            28.08.2018

Height:                       125cm (12.1 1/3) as at 14.04.2019

Colour:                       Brown Dun

Colour genetics:       Agouti: A/a, Extension: E/E, Cream: n/n, Dun: D/D