Greenfields Nisse

Registered APSB FG 79067 F Vol 26

Bred by Greenfield’s Stud

Greenfields NF Nisse is a solid gelding expected to mature around 14.2hh. Nisse has turned into a very cuddly young horse who will seek you out from across the paddock, but is equally happy to hold his place in the bachelor herd and look after the younger boys when they need him.

Sire:                            Te Klein Ike 75967 F Vol 25

Dam:                           Seaview Park Becki 44165 F Vol 24

Sire of Dam:              Palana Ulysses 10183 F Vol 21

Date of birth:            20.10.2017

Height:                       132cm (13.0 hh) as at 14.04.2019 exp mature 14.2hh

Colour:                       Brown Dun

Colour genetics:       Agouti: A/a Extension: E/e Creme: n/n Dun: D/D