Greenfields Lars

Registered APSB FG79063 F

Bred by Greenfield’s Stud.

Greenfields NF Lars is a young gelding that we have recently (July 2019) broken to saddle and are preparing to help find him his forever home. Lars is of middleweight build and a nice forward going horse who learns rapidly.

Sire:                            Mogly (Frozen Semen Imp)

Dam:                           Te Klein Gemma 49789 Vol 24

Sire of Dam:              Myklejon (IMP) 16516 F Vol 24

Date of birth:           10.10.2015

Height:                       137cm (13.2 hh) as at 14.04.2019  exp. mature 13.3 hh

Colour:                       Brown Dun

Colour genetics:      Agouti: A/A Extension: E/e Creme: n/n Dun: D/D