Greenfields Norveig

Registered APSB 54573 F Vol 26

Bred by Greenfield’s Stud

Greenfields NF Norveig is a fine filly expected to mature around 14.0hh. Norveig has a strong preference for her full sisters and has taken on an almost mothering role to her baby sister. She sits very much in the middle of the hierarchy in the herd and seems very happy to remain there,

Sire:                            Te Klein Ike 75967 F Vol 25

Dam:                           Hiraeth Carys 44679 F Vol 24

Sire of Dam:               Palana Tyson 10071 F Vol 21

Date of birth:            25.10.2017

Height:                       133cm (13.0 1/2) as at 14.04.2019

Colour:                       Brown Dun

Colour genetics:       Agouti: A/A Extension: E/E Creme: n/n Dun: D/D