Greenfields Irene

Dressage championships September 2018

Registered APSB (51531 F Vol 25)

Bred by Greenfield’s Stud

Greenfields Irene is a middleweight mare of good bone standing at 137cm or 13.2hh. She was broken in by Graham Chappel in July 2016 before commencing breeding duties. She remained in light work in early pregancy and has debuted in EA Preliminary dressage to respectable scores. Irene is slowly coming back into work after having had a strapping colt foal in late September 2017. The aim is to campaign her in Preliminary dressage this upcoming competition season. Irene is a self confident mare happy to remain in the middle of the pecking order, but stands up to a challenge from her peers. Alert and attentive around people, and seeks out a cuddle.

Sire:                            Blackwood Ridge Zajko 13033 F Vol 23

Dam:                           Seaview Park Bridget 44164 F Vol 24

Sire of Dam:              Palana Ulysses 10183 F Vol 21

Date of birth:            8.1.2013

Height:                       139cm (13.2 1/2 hh) as at 14.04.2019

Colour:                       Brown Dun

Colour genetics:       Agouti: A/A Extension: E/E Creme: n/n Dun: D/D

Progeny:                     Greenfields NF Nils (2017) and Greenfields NF Quality (2020)